Buckeye Farm Development

Buckeye Farms is not a new idea – it is recreating a vision based historically when Minden and Gardnerville used to rely on close by ranches and farms for their meat and produce.

Each phase represents 4-8 years of growth/real estate development.

Phase I
  • The 15 – 20 acre community farm at the convergence of Zerolene Rd and Gillman Ave as the “front door” to Buckeye Farm Conservation Community and an easy walk from Dntn Minden and Gardnerville – it will include a nursery, event barn, U pick orchards and gardens and the first phase of the farm and artisan village center with farm to table cafe and restaurant.
  • The development of the greenway trail connecting to Martin Slough with orchards and food forest areas.
  • Phase I housing framing the north edge of the greenway and west edges of the greenway
Phase II
  • Completion of Farm/Artisan pedestrian street linking the phase I farm at the south end to the community green and larger community farm at the north end with a variety of artisans at street level and housing above.
  • Larger farm park center at north end of village artisan street consisting of several vegetable farms, fruit orchards, and rotational small animal pastures and large animal pastures.
  • Opportunities for educational gardens and teaching farm for Minden grade school and Community College
  • Buckeye Creek ecological park at the end of Buckeye Creek with opportunities for extending the Buckeye Creek trail
  • Complete the property wide trail circuits and connectivity to Buckeye Creek Park
  • Mixed use residential neighborhood at Buckeye Rd framed by the green way on the west and farm park on the east
  • Start green industry – local jobs-oriented development
Phase III
  • Develop the Ag Innovation Hub – food/value added processing area, production ag area and research/education area (this could be moved to phase II depending on level of interest)
  • Complete the village center
  • Develop remaining infill traditional neighborhood development
  • Develop commercial retail at the intersection of Mueller Pkwy and Heybourne Rd
Phase IV
  • Develop conservation hamlet at north end of property
  • Develop outlying specialty farms around conservation hamlet
  • Finalize green industry development
  • Finalize traditional neighborhood development