Our Vision

Buckeye Farms at Park Ranch will preserve 9,500 acres of land, (9,000 acres in South Douglas County and 500 acres of the Buckeye Farm), while developing 2,500 units transferred from the 9,000 acres preserved in South Douglas County in a 500-acre conservation village on Buckeye Farm. This farm conservation community model will set a precedent for quality growth in the Carson Valley.

Having worked this land for generations, David and his family have been responsible for the stewardship and conservation of the agricultural heritage of Douglas County.

Communities like Buckeye Farms across the country have built partnerships across generations – from educational opportunities for schools and places like the Boys & Girls Club, to growing families to seniors, these neighborhoods have built bridges in communities where none may have existed before, providing access to fresh, locally grown and tended foods and goods.

Sitting at the edges of Minden and Gardnerville, Buckeye Farms will provide miles of walking trails, as well as walkability among the small businesses that line Highway 395 through town. With historic barns dotting the Carson Valley landscape, Buckeye Farms at Park Ranch is a naturally perfect fit for Douglas County.

More than 90 Agrihoods, as this concept is referred to, exist across the United States, and are accepted as part of the master planning mix. Communities and developers have responded to the farm to fork movement and people who are looking for healthier lifestyles for their families. According to ULI, 27 U.S. states and Canadian provinces boast agrihoods.